Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance & Prevention Tips

Air Conditioner Repair Myrtle BeachBeing able to maintain your heating and cooling system on your own will go a long way in not only saving you money over the years, but preventing your HVAC system from breaking down prematurely says Air Mechanical of Myrtle Beach. These tips are simple in that you do not need to be a handyman in order to complete them, you just have to be vigilant in your efforts and get on a schedule so they are performed in a timely manner.  For more info and please visit the air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc.

Check the outside fan unit for any debris trapped inside or obstructions surrounding the unit. There needs to be a few feet clearance all around the exterior, so trim back tall grass or any overgrown shrubbery that could become a problem with air getting into the unit. Turn off the power and remove the cover if you need to get out leaves, trash, or twigs that may have fallen inside and are obstructing the movement of the fan.

The HVAC air handler inside the house will be running quietly, listen for any loud or unusual noises. Run your hand along the seams of the casing and feel for any air escaping while the unit is powered on. If you feel air, place a strip of duct tape over that area and it will do the trick.

While at the air handler, slide out the air filter and check for damage. If the filter can be cleaned, do so and replace. If it is too dirty, toss it and replace it. You should be checking the air filter(s) at least once a month and replacing them no later than every three months. Clogged filter make the entire HVAC system have to work harder, so you are wearing down moving parts and shortening the life of the overall system.

Inside the home, check the thermostat temperature is accurate with a small temperature gauge. Make certain all the air vents in the house are in the open position. Those vents that are closed in rooms not being used are not conserving energy, it is making the HVAC system work even harder. Blocked air in those air vents can not move, so the air handler continues to pump the air trying to get it to move freely, costly you unnecessary utility costs and making the overall system work even harder.

Keeping up on these maintenance tips will ensure you get a full life out of the eating and cooling system and you are not saddled with huge repair bills each year.