5 Boat Buying Tips That Will Save You Money

By now you have probably heard all the expressions about how the most exciting thing next to owning a boat is the day you sell your boat. The majority of people who fall into that category never took the time to carefully research the boat they bought or they would be out on the seas right now having the time of their lives.Find a Boat Here

If you have been bitten by the boating bug, take a deep breath and pay close attention to these simple boat buying tips before you start your hunt for boats for sale and you will make the most of this exciting experience.

1. Test Drive Your Boat – Many first time boat buyers see that ad for a deal on a boat, buy the boat, then regret the fact they bought the boat because it wasn’t right for their needs. Go to a few boat shows and climb on board, see how it feels behind the wheel, make your decision after you find the one you love.

2. Consider the Costs – Don’t just consider the cost of the boat, carefully consider all the added expenses so you make certain your boar fits in your budget. Add in the cost of storage, maintenance, repairs, fuel, and even that new trailer.

3. Buying Used vs New – Although nothing quite feels as good as owning new, you will be surprised at the growing inventory of used boats on the market at a steal. Many of these sellers simply made mistakes buying the boat, and they want out as quickly as they can. Deals can be made, and many sellers throw in all those added accessories that would cost you a fortune if you bought new.

4. Hit the Open Seas – Go out boating with friends, rent a boat for the weekend, or go on a charter this weekend, anything to get you out on the water and see exactly what you are in for. Spend a few weeks on the water to see if this is a lifestyle you really want or is it just a passing fancy.

5. Consider Your Activities – Before you buy the boat, consider if it will be for fishing, tubing, water skiing, or just parking and relaxing with friends. Different types of activities work best with certain boats, keep this in mind before you decide.

These five boat buying tips will ensure you get the best boat for you, not one that the salesman or seller thinks is perfect for you. No matter the deal or price, the wrong boat will rob you of this fun, exciting, and liberating experience.