About me

My PhotoThis is a personal and somewhat business oriented blog about how to be happy in life at home as a homemaker or as someone who works from home. Either doing so out of the necessity of having children at home and find that being a traditional homemaker is a good fit for your personality or purely because you find it a great life style to work and grow a business independently from home, I hope to help you be more successful.

From my background in law and now running a successful coaching business at home, I hope to bring you lots to think and act upon.

Many friends have said that I am too happy (can you be too happy)!  But I think my joy is something that I can pass on and hope to do so here in this blog. And, do a little self-promotion along the way.

So I hope you will book-mark this site, and share us on your favorite social media.  At some point it might even be possible for this blog to have an advertizement or two, or three…

So check back soon!